What influences the efficacy of debarking harvesting heads?

Debarking of cut timber during mechanized processing in the stand can have several benefits, the reduction of feeding habitat for bark beetles during periods of high infestation risk currently being most relevant. Thus, harvesting heads modified for maximized debarking effect during cut-to-length processing are gaining prevalence in central Europe.

The efficacy in debarking using such harvesting heads under varying conditions such as tree species, tree size, and, most of all, seasonally changing sap flow has been investigated in the scope of the "Debarking Heads" project. Three types of harvesting heads with different degrees of modification have been tested in comparison. Furthermore, the influence on productivity of a working technique adapted for debarking has been regarded.

The results of this investigation have now been published as an open-access article in the European Journal of Forest Research: Link to the article